• Bridal Styling                           $140 and up
  • Formal Styling                          $85 and up
  • Teen Styling (10-15)                  $70 and up
  • Child Styling (3-9)                     $45 and up
  • Fingerwave Set                         $45 and up
  • Trial Styling                              $65 for the first 90 minutes, $40 each hour thereafter

There may be a travel fee based on your requested location.

*Full day services are also available. This can include style changes, touch ups etc.

**Price may be higher due to length, thickness or complexity of design, all of which will be discussed before styling begins.

**Use of hair rats, foam supports, hair pieces and hair extensions may incur an additional charge.


  • Photo Shoot/Event Rates      $400 half day

                                               $750 full day

Fire Monkey Hair Design


On location bridal hair styling